Is Weed Addictive? – Get to Know What Is It

Weed is commonly known as marijuana and it is derived from the leaves, stems, seeds and flowers of the plant known as Cannabis. Scientifically, the plant is known as Cannabis Indica. Weed is considered as a potent addictive substance because it has the chemical compound in them intact known as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which can cause hallucination by mind altering properties.

As per the National Institute on Drug Abuse, marijuana is listed as illicit drug in the drug rehab directory of the United States. However, the nine states along with Washington DC have legalized the usage of marijuana for medical purpose. Most of the States have yet not considered it for medical purpose.

You will be surprised to know that THC has shown promising results in reducing the side effects of chemotherapy. Users have notified that they have experienced less urge to vomit and are more active throughout the day. Additionally, it also helps in reducing the damage of the central nervous system and any other neuropathy conditions in HIV patients.

Is it true that weed is an addictive?

As per the medical reports, 30 percent of marijuana users have experienced neurological and mental disorders upon using it. Moreover, abusing it can also lead to loss of life. As per the reports, 30 – 40 percent of weed users have developed dependency as a form of addiction from their first usage itself. This substance abuse disorder starts early and gradually.

First the users become dependent to the feel-good factor that the person experiences after having weed. Then the users become addicted to it and will experience difficult withdrawal symptoms if not stopped. This happens because the THC compound interferes with the brain and drastically slows down the production of endocannabinoid.

This in turn results in irritability, mood fluctuations, sleeping disorders, food cravings, panic attacks, restlessness, insomnia and eating disorders for several months after you have stopped taking it. This is different than usual addiction and can have behavioural altering effects on the individual.

There are few addictions where a person can sustain even, they are not taking it for a certain period of time, but this does not happen in the case of weed. This is more dangerous and using should be avoided unless for medical purposes.

Currently, alcohol and smoking cigarettes have been listed as an addiction in the Disease Control Centres of the US. However, marijuana has still not been listed because it has been pronounced illegal and having it can end you up in prison.

Side effects of smoking weed

Different strains of marijuana can have different effect on your brains depending on the THC levels of it. Additionally, there is also a risk of serious side effects depending on the percentage of the THC in the leaves.

People abusing it can experience headaches, fatigue, dry mouth, red eye, dry cough, dissociation and altered state of mind, fluctuating blood pressure and memory impairment.

In higher dosage people can also experience psychosis and bipolar disorder. In these cases a part of the brain and the central nervous system is damaged and cannot be repaired.

Answers to Your Questions on When Flu Season Will End

Flu an ailment silently arrives in various forms. The most dreaded one is its communicable form when it passes on from one person to another without wasting any time. Since past few years many kinds of flu has affected the life of many people globally.  Some variant of this infectious disease have troubled larger community of people dreading them to think when the season of flu will end.

How badly flu has affected the life of people?

When the virus causing flu spreads its tentacles quickly, it is never going to be good for people. Their general health gets greatly affected by flu symptoms leading them to be hospitalized. Unfortunately, many die due to the viral attack and the most affected ones are children and elderly people. This is because their body immunity level is quite low and viral ailments will easily intervene in their life.

Some flu like ‘Hong Kong flu’ spread easily as there aren’t right preventive methods or perfect strain to stop the flu virus from multiplying. Every time when flu pandemic occurs there is no matching antiviral drug present to treat the condition.

You may be astonished to know that until the 20th century several medicines were discovered to treat successfully innumerable ailments. However, every time the virus mutates it comes up with a new trait for which the antidote is yet to be discovered. It isn’t the scientist’s fault as every virus emerges with several changes in it, which creates havoc in a majority of people’s life.

To find solution for preventing the virus is the only way left to deal with the disaster. There are many ways adapted however unfortunately all can’t be applicable in a positive way to curb the spreading of viral flu sickness.

The usual things done when there is danger of spreading flu:

  • Stay away from the person suffering from flu. People try to maintain distance of six feet at least from the influenced person.
  • People usually cover their mouth while sneezing or coughing. It is due to the fact that the virus may be present in the droplets thus can land on the body parts of another person. Hence, wearing safety masks or cover helps greatly to cover mouth and nostrils.
  • Hands must be regularly washed with soap and sanitizer is used often while working or moving outside. This is because if you have touched something that already had virus on it, washing will help get rid of it.
  • Enhance immunity of the body. It is most important as good immune system helps greatly in evading any kind of ailment affecting the general health.
  • You get vaccinated for flu yearly however it is not foolproof method.

The most appropriate way to avoid infection is to wear special safety masks. You can easily get them from online platform You can remain safe and look forward to enjoy your life while wearing the masks all time, Stay safe by maintaining social distancing even while wearing facial masks.

Indicating the Reasons for Depression That Harms a Person’s General Health

Today, millions of people are leading depressing life due to varied reasons. They are constantly low in mood, disinterested in the happenings of their life and stay aloof even from their dear ones. There are many kinds of health risks associated with depression, thus the need to get help of a good physiotherapist seems to be the best solution.

What exactly is depression and why the need to treat it is important?

Depression or feeling of constant sadness hinders a person’s active life. They remain less focused and aren’t interested in leading a lively life. Gradually, they will fall prey to mental health issues that affect their physical health as well.

Some people feel deep sadness while for some sadness is just a passing thought. While sadness gravely sets in your mind the need to eliminate it from the person’s thoughts becomes mandatory. People start panicking and remain terrified as if they have some prior indications of something to happen drastically wrong. Unfortunately, the depressive conditions go on for weeks, months and years till the issue gets treated by effective drugs like ketamine. Moreover, if left unchecked it keeps them anxious the whole day leading them to experience physical health issues like migraine, dizziness, loss of appetite insomnia, issues associated with high blood pressure and some grave issues like heart attacks.

Know more about other symptoms associated with depression:

  • The person no longer enjoys activities or feels happy doing what interests them.
  • They lose the desire to enjoy sexual pleasures. They have low libido and get irritated easily and thus are not comfortable to have close relationship with anyone.
  • Their sleeping manner change drastically leaving them feeling always drowsy. They will not enjoy sound sleep. Hence, no doubt they feel fatigued all the time.
  • They have difficulty in focusing on work, feel disinterested in doing any work.
  • They depressive thoughts influence them to end their life.
  • Some even do feel guilty even though they weren’t the reason for happening of unlucky events.
Anxiety and heart disease: A complex connection - Harvard Health
ketamine treatment for depression

The prominent reasons triggering depression differs in every person. Hence, during the treatment sessions therapists try to know the basic cause leading their patient to experience depressive thoughts.

The usual causes associated with depression are:

  • Due to unknown reasons there is a change in neurotransmitter level in the brain, thus the person troubled with abnormal functions of brain receptors experiences sad feelings and mood swings.
  • It can be because of some unfortunate incident in their life like dear one’s death or a major accident.
  • It can be a hereditary factor as well suppressed for many years and surfacing while the person is feeling low.
  • Even psychological and social matters contribute to feeling depressive.

Ketamine is proving to be an effective drug to cure depressive thoughts. Specialized doctors having great knowledge in curing mental ailments prefer to treat their patients suffering from constant sadness using ketamine infusion therapy. Thus, you can try out ketamine treatment for depression from best health care clinic like Mind Peace Clinic in Arlington, Richmond and Norfolk.

How Alcohol Interacts With CBD?

The health and wellness sector is suddenly witnessing the rise in demand and varieties of CBD products. You can get them at offline and online health stores. CBD or cannabidiol is a natural compound present in cannabis. Unlike THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, CBD does not cause the psychoactive effects associated with weeds. CBD oil gets extracted from the hemp plant, which belongs to the cannabis family and has a high concentration of cannabidiol and less than 0.3% of THC. 

Oil extracted from hemp is used in preparing capsules, edibles, tinctures, bath soaks, lip balms, creams, protein bars, and sprays. You can even enjoy the best CBD gummies in a variety of flavors. Even alcohol producers have introduced CBD-infused beers, shots, and other alcoholic drinks. 

CBD is reported to hinder prescription or OTC medications. Hence people wonder if it is safe to combine CBD and alcohol. 

How alcohol interacts with CBD?

Intensifies relaxation and calming effects

Alcohol is capable to reduce hindrances and promote relaxation. CBD too has the same effect. Taking 25 to 75 mg of CBD regular has revealed to lessen anxiety and enhance sleep quality. Combining CBD and alcohol can amplify the effects. It can result in sedation and increased sleepiness. Some people have experienced behavior and mood changes. 

Protects side effects of alcohol

Excessive consumption of alcohol damages cells, which increases inflammation. You can suffer from chronic diseases like liver disorder, pancreatitis, and cancer of a specific type. The research on rats and mice has reported that CBD has helped to protect them against fatty liver disease and brain cell damages. However, there is still a wide study required in humans.

Reduces blood-alcohol levels

BAC or blood alcohol concentration is a unit that defines the alcohol level in your blood. Higher BAC means depreciation of cognitive functions and motor control. However, in the study, a high CBD dose than recommended was used, so there is a need for more research. 

A good alternative to treat alcohol addiction

CBD has helped to lessen addiction and withdrawal symptoms in animals. In alcohol-addicted rats, CBD helped to lessen alcohol intake, lowered alcohol cravings, and prevented relapse. In humans, the research is limited but the result reported that CBD helped to curb the addictive behavior. 

Should alcohol and CBD be taken together?

No sufficient research on humans is available to clearly identify the effects of alcohol and CBD mixture. In the studies it is identified that CBD can reduce some side effects of alcohol but what are the negative effects of taking both needs to be researched to a wide extent. 

Besides, CBD effects differ from one person to another, so it is hard to know whether alcohol and CBD will affect everyone in the same way. Current research is focused on the effects of ingesting high alcohol amount with CBD instead of occasional few drinks with CBD. Until more research results are made available, it remains vague whether combining CBD and alcohol is safe or not. 

If you plan to blend alcohol and CBD, start with low amounts to avert side effect risk. In case of concerns, consult your doctor. 

Improve Your Oral Health – Know About Dental Implant Surgery in Canberra

Dental implants are replacements for missing teeth. They are artificial and surgically implanted in your mouth. These implants are designed to look natural and make you feel good. If you’ve lost your teeth due to age, an accident or any other reason, then surgical dental implants can be your best choice.

However, before you take a call on it, you need expert advice. Thus, it is suggested that you consult a reputed dental implants specialists in your area. There are many reputed and experienced dentists that offer dental implants in Canberra.

One of the most popular names in the industry is Central Periodontics & Dental Implants Clinic. They have qualified and experienced professionals like Dr. Sethi to perform implant surgeries. Their treatment process includes modern techniques, sedation, comfort, care, and friendly atmosphere. They help your regain your gorgeous smile and ensure oral health sustainability.


What Is Dental Implant And Dental Implant Surgery?


A Dental implant involves metal, especially titanium, covered with artificial tooth, which is surgically fixed into the jawbone. These artificial teeth protect the other teeth by giving support and structure. Also, helps to bite and chew naturally. This artificial tooth is positioned in the root area of your missing tooth to appear and work as the original one.


Dental Implant Surgery Procedure


Several things are undertaken by the dentist before the surgical process. Some of those are listed below


  • X-rays are thoroughly examined by the dentist, and based on which you are given different models of artificial teeth t choose from
  • The situation of your jawbone and its ability is assessed
  • Your heart and orthopaedic functioning are examined to avoid surgical complications
  • You’ll be asked to choose one from three options of anaesthesia
  • It is mandatory to arrange a family member or a friend to accompany

What Happens During Surgery?


  • Removal of the damaged tooth.
  • Bone grafting – a small bone, from another part of your body or another area of the jawbone, is transplanted to prepare for chewing
  • Installing of the implant into the gum line
  • Placing the abutment after the jaw is healed (abutment is a piece that fits and screws into the implant, and later the artificial tooth will be attached)

Post-Surgery Precautions


As per the suggestions of a dentist, you must follow the following tips for better healing.

  • Avoid tobacco
  • Practice brushing and flossing daily
  • Visit the dental office regularly
  • Avoid oral habits like chewing candies, ice and more

The Healing Process


Healing of jawbone plays a vital role when implanting an artificial tooth. Sometimes, it can take weeks or months to complete the procedure. Without healthy and strong jawbone, implantation cannot be done. During healing process, osseointegration occurs, where bone begins to grow and unites with implant surface. Within three to nine months, dental implant works like a natural tooth.


Now that you know how dental implants are and how they work, it is best that you consult a reliable periodontics and dental implant specialists for professional assistance.

Learn about The Effective Ways to Whiten Your Teeth

Everyone likes to have pearly white teeth that enhance their smile and look beautiful. Unfortunately, due to certain reasons the natural whiteness of teeth vanishes leaving behind discolored teeth that diminish the sexy appearance of one’s smile.

How does teeth get stained or become yellowish?

  • Certain kind of food stuff and drinks can discolor your teeth enamel.
  • While not maintaining oral hygiene rightly.
  • Formation of plaque breaks the enamel thus teeth lose its whitish shine.

Luckily there are many easy to follow ways that are effective to whiten teeth and once again enjoy your bright sparkling smile. You don’t have to worry of spoiling your health or feel the remedies are expensive, as you just need to follow the methods carefully and realize their positive effects.

Here are few popular methods to brighten the whitish color of your teeth:

  • There are several whitening teeth pastes available today, choose the best one having major composition of silica that helps to remove stains. They are sure to help in whitening better than your regular tooth paste.
  • Don’t be lazy to brush your teeth by using electric brush. You need to brush your teeth at the least twice a day. The brush greatly helps to remove any infectious microbes present in your mouth. Moreover, you dint have to worry about formation of plaque that affects your oral health.
  • Daily flossing and rinsing of your mouth with mouth wash will surely help to curb the microbes fully as these microbes affect the enamel of the teeth. There are even whitening pre rinse solution to remove any food particles thus help to brush effectively.
  • You can brush your teeth using solution of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. The amount of baking soda will be double of hydrogen peroxide, thus the stains of the teeth will be easily removed. Brushing with baking soda helps to remove the surface stains of the teeth, thus teeth remain white.
  • Swirling of oil like sesame oil, coconut oil and sunflower oil in your mouth surely helps to remove all unwanted materials and toxins from the mouth. However, before doing make sure the oil is fully in pure form. The oils have the ability to totally reduce inflammation and to kill microbes. When done regularly it is sure to prevent formation of plaque and no trouble of gingivitis.
  • Use apple cider vinegar as a mouth wash. You can add it in water to do regular mouth washing and clean away any material causing stain on your enamel.

You can use teeth whitening strips to remove easily any stains on your teeth. You will just need to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth rightly. You can use tissue paper to remove presence of saliva over the teeth before using the strips over it. The strips shouldn’t touch your gums and should be moulded over each tooth pressed by your fingers. In few minutes, you will have your teeth looking bright and shiny.

To purchase the best tooth whitening products and to gain information on using the products log on to the site

Few Widely Used Addictive Drugs

Since centuries humans have been using drugs in various forms. Some drugs have been used for medicinal purpose and some for recreational purpose. The problems in individuals arise when they are addicted to drug usage. The health issues gradually clog their every receptor of brain, thus there are chances of them being grasped by deadly claws of death soon.

Unfortunately, many individuals despite knowing the harmful effects of drug abuse get addicted to it. Many people get into problems in their relationship and thus to save their marriage they must be willing to get admitted in trustable couple rehab centers.

Most of the people unknowingly fall in the trap of drug addiction. They use the drugs to experience feelings of high level excitement however soon they become addicted to it. Thus, the need to know the kind of drugs not suitable to maintain general health of body becomes mandatory.

Here is a list of drugs that must be avoided:

  • Cocaine:
    • It is a stimulator derived from natural plants of South America. The other common name used is coke. It was widely used in medicinal health care units as a pain reliever before the emergence of anesthetic medicines. It is now available as white powder or in rock form that is easy to be snorted, injected or smoked. The cocoa present in high proportions in cocaine is well known to give high effects to central nervous system of the user. This happens because cocaine increases the level of Dopamine that can change the neurochemistry of brain if regularly cocaine is induced in the body. The side effects are depressive thoughts, mood swings, feeling of anxiety and constantly troubled by fatigue.
  • Heroin:
    • The natural drug is composed of seedpod of Poppy plant that is native to Asian countries. The white or brown powder can be dissolved in water to be injected, snorted or smoked. This drug is known to be deathly if over used and it is hard to overcome its withdrawal symptoms.
  • Nicotine:
    • Yes, smoking regularly makes its users hard to quit smoking. It lifts the mood of its user thus for a short duration they sense pleasurable mood. However, gradually nicotine clutches the person in its web to taste it regularly, thus they are unable to leave cigarettes untouched.
  • Methamphetamine:
    • This crystal rough powdery form drug commonly known as icy or glass drug is well known to give immediate sense of excitement, but it has adverse effect on the central nervous system and even causes severe psychological problem.
  • Alcohol:
    • Excessive drinking of heavy beverage containing high proportions of alcohol will surely make the person endure severe health issues. Years of drinking alcohol is sure to cause fatal ailments, and thus it is wise to find means to stay away from alcohol.

Researches and rehab establishments have often indicated that Couples therapy for addiction has always been successful programs because a couple, it is easy to fight addiction. The drug addicted person gets full support from loved ones, thus able to stay safe from withdrawal symptoms as well. To know more about the best couple rehab centers in CA log on to websites of popular rehabs such as

Importance of Regular Teeth Cleaning

Perhaps, you may not realize when you smile your teeth will also be noticed. Though some people may not tell you anything even if your teeth are not clean enough but few may point out and that can be embarrassing.

That is the reason why one must be very particular about their teeth cleaning. It is very important to have healthy and pleasing smile. Besides that, there is a number of health issues associated with unclean and unmaintained teeth.

You may find plenty of dentists in your city, which will be ready to offer you regular dental care service. They also work during evening as well as during any off days so that people can visit them.

Not only the dentist will help you clean your teeth properly but also, they will do routine check of your teeth and tell you in case there are any warning signs noticed. This will help you to maintain your dental health properly.

As a matter of fact, there is no schedule prescribed as far as cleaning of your teeth is concerned. You can clean anytime which is convenient to you. It will be nice to get them cleaned at least once or twice in a year.

You must remember that your oral health is very important, as it is associated with many other serious medical issues which may appear if you do not take proper care. Often serious diseases like cancer or cardiac problem can also be caused due to this.

Your teeth can also decay fast and there are chances that it can fall out too. This will affect your smile and also you will be unable to chew your food properly. Proper cleaning of teeth will also prevent bacterial growth on your teeth.

If you are a professional and meeting many important people then it is necessary that you should look great when you talk and discussing with others. If you are appearing in TV then many people are going to look at you.

Therefore, most of your neighborhood dentist will suggest you to undergo brushing and flossing by using soft tooth brush, each time after you eat food. This will prevent the growth of any bacteria as well as any teeth damage in the long run.

Nowadays, whitening kits are also available in the market that you can buy and also clean your teeth at home. However, they may not be as good as the cleaning done by the dentist in their clinic.

The kits in fact will help in improving the appearance of your teeth, but not really clean the teeth as needed.

In case, you are not able to brush your teeth, then you can buy disposable floss picks which can easily remove the food particles from your teeth until you are able to brush.

Also, try to make scheduled visit to a nearby dentist in your locality and get your teeth regularly cleaned, flossed and also get them checked every 6 months.

Overcome The Anxiety And Emotions – It’s Time For Preschool

Preschool plays an important role for children to grow physically, mentally and emotionally. For parents who are both earning for keeping up their family economy, child care is of great help. Some schools teach children to take care of themselves. It also helps children to face school exam in an efficient way.


Both parents and kids have mixed emotions when it is time to start preschool. For parents, it will be like whether their child can adapt to the new environment, and new people. Kids will have unpleasant emotions as they are meeting new teachers and unfamiliar children and there is a feeling of separation from parents. Parents need to make their child feel comfortable about their preschool.


If you are in Tennessee gives you an idea of how high quality and affordable childcare is given there. They maximize federal and state child funding so that, poor people can afford high quality education and care for their children. High quality preschool programs help build a warm child-teacher -parents’ relationship.


There are a lot of things that parents can do to comfort their children and adapt to their preschool. Here we shall discuss some tips to make your child feel safe and happy about their preschool.


Introduce some activities that resemble one in school, to your child at home. For example, simple puzzle solving, identify the shape and colors. Make them feel that preschool will be a lot of fun.


Let your child play with neighborhood kids. Teach them to share toys with friends so that your child feels easier to make friends in school and develop the habit of sharing with them.


Take them to school few times before school starts to have an idea of, how the environment will be and how your kid reacts.


Talk to your child about preschool in such a way that motivates them to go to school. Tell them preschool will be fun. This may ease their fear and there is a chance of feeling more excited about their preschool.


Make your child’s first day of preschool a special one by letting them chooses their favorite lunch box, and give them their favorite toy to make them feel comfortable.


Have a friendly conversation with your child’s teacher. This can give a safe feeling for your kid. Check with the staff how they convince the kids in the beginning weeks of their new transition.


On the first day, if your child refuses to stay with the teacher then, don’t be annoyed, a special good-bye, hugs can calm down a child. A long farewell or leaving without a good-bye makes the separation worse. Tell them you love them and take a quick leave.


If your kid is unwilling to go to school or doesn’t want to leave you, talk to the teacher about that. They will be ready to provide extra care needed to comfort your child.


If you are in Tennessee, the good news is TQEE ensures child care and promotes early learning especially for children from disadvantaged families. This is your kid’s first big step towards transition and this is so unique. Your patience and confidence will help them make the transition a rewarding experience.