Reasons your Vagina May be Numb

Is vaginal discomfort normal? While amazing sex may leave you buzzing from the pleasure, you may lose feeling in your vaginal and vulva. This is typical if you feel tingling, numb, or unable. This feeling of tingling and numbness is similar to “pins and needles” when your leg or arm “falls asleep.” Almost usually, it is nerve-related. It may occur during sexual activity or as a consequence of excitement. Your vibrator setting was maybe too high. While this may create numbness during intercourse, it does not cause long-term harm. This is not the same as being completely numb.

All of this sounds terrible, but it’s critical that we don’t freak out. It might be due to an underlying medical ailment that needs to be treated. Other causes might be changes in your body. We may learn more about the reasons for no feeling in vagina, enlarged vagina, and possible therapies.


This might explain your lack of feeling. Your body’s oestrogen levels plummet dramatically. This hormone is responsible for keeping the tissues of your vaginal canal elastic and lubricated. A drop in oestrogen levels may cause thinness and, worse, vaginal dryness.


Your hormones will go wild as a result of stress. When one hormone goes haywire, it might affect the others. Oestrogen levels may decline if cortisol levels are at an all-time high. Some persons are thought to experience tension in their pelvic floor muscles.

Problems with the pelvic flooring tissue

Contractions may be caused by vaginal scarring caused by hard lifting or extensive vaginal bleeding. You will also have decreased blood flow, vaginal atrophy, and minimal feeling. However, the pelvic muscles weaken after vaginal delivery, after pelvic surgery, and even in those with chronic constipation.


People who have experienced sexual trauma do not see sex as a means of pleasure. Cortisol levels might rise as a result of trauma. This might modify the flow of the bowels. Post-traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms are comparable to feeling numb. If you have a history of trauma or violence, speaking with a doctor may help you obtain the needed therapy.

Vaginal Delivery

Natural delivery has the potential to damage or strain your pelvic nerves. During difficult vaginal deliveries, the pelvic floor muscles might become stretched. This might result in decreased blood flow and vaginal atrophy. This is especially true if the infant is really big.

The good news is that stretched vaginas caused by vaginal delivery normally recover independently with time.

How to Restore Your Vaginal Sensation?

Massage the vagina, a muscle, to relieve stress or enhance blood flow. The lotion is excellent for reducing muscular stress. This is an excellent tool for pelvic relaxation. Gently and deliberately explore your vagina with your fingers or a tool. Concentrate on any hurting spots. This might result in vaginal numbness. Understanding why this is occurring is the first step toward reversing the disease and returning feeling to your navel. Some individuals may need to see a pelvic therapist because of this. Dilators may be indicated for others. Do not overlook the problem; you deserve to be able to enjoy your sexual life again.