How to get a Maryland medical marijuana card?

Many residents who meet the criteria have applied for a medical marijuana card in order to legally purchase these products.

Registering for medical marijuana in Maryland is simple if you have the proper paperwork and a licensed physician available to evaluate your condition. Here is a step-by-step guide to obtaining your Maryland cannabis card.

Step 1: Apply to the Maryland medical cannabis commission

In contrast to many other states, Maryland requires you to register with the medical cannabis commission (MCC) before visiting a doctor for an evaluation. You must register for an account on the mmcc registration portal and provide the following information:

• A driver’s license or passport as proof of identity;

• Two pieces of documentation proving your Maryland residencies, such as a utility bill, bank statement, or a mva registration card; and

• A clear, electronic copy of a recent photograph.

Visit the Doctors of Cannabis website for a complete list of the documents you must provide, as well as guidelines for your photograph and proof of residency. To validate your account, you must verify your email address after creating an account and submitting an application.

The MCC will then review your application and notify you via email if it is approved. Save this approval email for your records as it contains important information for your registration.

Step 2: Obtain a written certification from an MCC-accredited physician

After completing your initial registration and receiving approval, you can now consult with a licensed physician who can provide you with written certification for medical cannabis use. Not every Maryland doctor is eligible; you must see a provider who is registered with the MCC.

The sanctuary wellness institute can put you in touch with a physician who has the necessary credentials to evaluate your qualifying condition. If your doctor clears you to use cannabis, you will be given a valid written certification.

Step 3: Finish your MCC registration

Your doctor will request your patient id number, which was included in your MCC approval email, and will issue the certification via the MCC’s online portal. You can now complete your mmcc registration with your certification on file.

Step 4: Buy medical marijuana from a licensed dispensary.

With your temporary MMC id in hand, you can buy cannabis from any licensed dispensary in Maryland. When you visit a dispensary, the staff will ask you to show your MCC id card so that your information can be verified in the state’s database.

You can buy medical marijuana for up to 30 days at a time. Furthermore, you must begin purchasing cannabis within 120 days of receiving your certification, or it will be rendered null and void.

Do you need help obtaining your Maryland cannabis card?

Although Maryland’s medical marijuana application process is simple, there are numerous opportunities for errors to occur and cause your application to be delayed. Finding the right doctor to evaluate your condition, as well as navigating the MCC’s application system, can be difficult.

The sanctuary wellness institute can assist you. We advocate for medical marijuana patients’ rights by connecting them with physicians who can provide the necessary certification for a cannabis card.