Keratin, Nanoplastia, Hair Botox, And Bixyplastia Treatment – How Do They Differ?

Every one of us is most concerned with our outer appearance. Hair is the most important part of how anyone looks. Having soft and shiny hair is a matter of pride. You will be mentally disturbed, if you notice something wrong with your hair. So, it is necessary for everyone who is facing these issues to get a treatment suitable for their hair condition.

Most of them think that only men have more hair issues as they get bald after certain years, but women also face hair thinning and hair fall issues. It is vital to get the most suited treatment to overcome these issues. Brazilian keratin treatment Sydney specializes in treating the hair by straightening it. It also includes Nanoplasty, Brazilian Keratin, Hair Botox, and Vegan treatment.

There are many treatments available depending on the problem you are facing. You have to choose the best formula based on your expectations. The latest formulae available in the market are Keratin, Nanoplastia, Hair Botox, and Bixyplastia. Let us try to understand the difference between this one by one.

Keratin Treatment (Bixyplastia)

Our hair becomes damaged, dry, and fizzy as we lose protein due to aging or chemical treatments. This treatment helps in providing the missing protein by filling the porosity of hair which in turn reduces the drying time by 50-70%. As it repairs the outer layer of the hair fibre, your hair becomes soft, smooth, strong, and damage-free. It straightens the hair from 90-100%. This treatment is intended for hair straightening rather than repairing. It is not suitable for very damaged hair. It is a classic treatment.

Hair Botox

This treatment renews the hair cells and helps to regain the weight of the hair that has been lost throughout the years naturally or in unusual treatment. This organic and natural formula is also known as miracle hair treatment because it restructures the damaged hair.

It fills in the cracks in the capillary cortex by blending fatty acids, oils, natural enzymes, keratin, omega-3, proteins, collagen, and amino acids. It helps to control oily and dry scalp. It gives life back to the hair. The main difference between Hair Botox and Keratin straightening is Hair Botox repairs and smoothens your hair from inside while Keratin straightens your hair.


The base of this formula is a combination of collagen and amino acids which penetrates the hair and interacts at the cellular level. As it is rich in amino acids, it reaches the cortical layer under the action of temperature. It helps in straightening the hair that provides a healthy look to our hair. It’s a perfect hair restoration method. It affects the hair straightening from 70-90%.

Nanoplastia is different from Keratin straightening as Nanoplastia is a healing procedure that straightens the hair by penetrating inside while Keratin straightening only straightens the hair.

These are the effective treatments available that can reverse your hair problem or can slow down the process. Choose the treatment suitable for your hair and look beautiful as always.