Everything You Want To Know About Teeth Whitening

The popularity of teeth whitening has increased considerably in the past few years. To get maximum benefits from this procedure, it is important to get complete detail about it. There are two main ways in which teeth whitening is performed. This includes at-home treatment and in-office whitening.

This article will inform you about teeth whitening procedures and their types.

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In-Office Teeth Whitening

Before the introduction of home-based whitening treatment, in-office treatment was the only option for people to perform teeth whitening. In this method, the dentist would form molds of the teeth, and send them off to the laboratory.

In the period of five to ten days, they will receive customized fitted plastic teeth whitening molds/mouthpieces. Once the mouthpiece is ready, it is filled with peroxide. The doctor will take around one or two hours to fit these molds against the gums and teeth.

After three to four visits, your teeth would become noticeably whiter. This procedure takes around $500 – $1,000. Many cosmetic dental clinics use Laser Bleaching, and Argon Bleaching, procedures to give whiter teeth naturally.

At-Home Teeth Whitening

People who can’ afford in-office dental treatments or can’t visit the dental clinic can whiter teeth easily from the comfort of their home. This procedure is carried out in three ways:

Brush-on teeth whitening: In this method, a person needs to brush on the formula. After it dries, you can let it stay on the teeth for the whole night.

Teeth whitening strips: This is another easy-to-apply method for those who want brighter and whiter teeth instantly. These whitening strips are simple to use. You would need no amount of preparation to use it. These strips comprise a lower and upper strip that is pressed against the outer surface of the teeth.

Bleaching Gels

Bleaching gels is another way to get whiter teeth naturally. Compared to the above two methods, it is the most efficient and affordable teeth whitening method in the market. Make sure you use the gel from a reputed manufacturer. It should be made with the best quality.

Key Components to Ensure the Best Teeth Whitening Results

  • Before you apply any teeth whitening product, brush your teeth with aloe vera, natural polishing agents, and oxygenating toothpaste to make your gums strong and less sensitive.
  • Use form-fitting mouth trays that fit perfectly around each tooth. The best choice would be a tooth whitening mouldable tray system.
  • Use strong teeth whitening gels that are made of 21% carbamide peroxide solution. Such formulation will help lessen the sensitivity to the gums and teeth and make your teeth visibly whiter in just a few seconds.
  • Follow up your teeth whitening procedure with an oxygenating oral rinse.


Everyone desires white teeth and a beautiful smile. With the use of innovative technology, teeth whitening have become easier and a lot more affordable. With teeth whitening strips, bleaching gels, and toothbrushes, one can easily perform teeth whitening at home.