What Do You Know of Vegan Leather and Why Buy It?

Vegan leather is now in fashion. Moreover, it is cruelty-free and a wonderful eco-friendly alternative of genuine leather. You can find a whole range of products like jackets, shoes, pants, skirts, wallets, handbags, backpacks and belts made out of vegan leather. They are quite trendy in today’s market. Many designers are also promoting the use of vegan leather instead of genuine leather.

You would be surprised by the myriads of vegan leather products available in the market. Working with vegan leathers has endless possibilities. It easily absorbs many shades of color and stitching is also convenient over its surface. With vegan leather you can stock up your collection with fashionable items with affordable price. On the other hand, with genuine leather you can expect a high price for quality product.

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What Is Vegan Leather?

vegan backpack

Faux leather goes by the name vegan leather, but it does not mean that it contains all environment-friendly materials. Generally, polyurethane (PU) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) acts as one of the most common ingredients in making vegan leather. These are plastic-based materials. Therefore, it has hazardous effect on environment. Even the processing of these leathers involves chemicals.

However, there are also options of vegan leather made of sustainable materials like cork, apple peel, pineapple leaves and agave plant. However, they are fairly less in number.

You can easily tell apart high quality vegan leather from a low-quality product. But, when you compare good quality vegan leather with real leather, it is hard to find much different in appearance. Genuine leather has pores and thus, the material is breathable. However, vegan leather has non-breathable surface and the texture is printed. Genuine leather develops patina as they age giving it a unique charm. However, it does not happen so with vegan leather.

Why You Should Buy Vegan Leather Products?

You might already know what your choices are. Once you understand the material used for making the leather you would be able to decide what to buy. It is not impossible to find durable vegan leather of high quality. It can only be expensive than the regular faux leather, but it is far less expensive than the luxurious genuine leather. It is possible to afford varieties of vegan leather products of different styles and designs. Again, it would be foolish to compare durability of vegan leather with real leather.

When you buy vegan leather products, try to search for those that are eco-friendly. The materials you need to focus on are paper, cork, waxed cotton, tree bark, fibers of apple, pinatex and recycled rubber.