How Can You Pack and Smoke a Bowl of Cannabis?

If you are an experienced smoker then you can find many different ways of smoking cannabis, but perhaps smoking bowl in pipe can be a unique method to smoke. Therefore, it is very important that you must learn how you can pack and also smoke a bowl.

You can certainly find bowl of cannabis easily nowadays but here in this article we are providing you few important tips of packing and smoking cannabis, so that even if you happen to be a first-time smoker, you can learn this technique.

Select the right pipe

It is important to select the right type of pipe before you decide to smoke cannabis. Earlier, people preferred using wooden, and bamboo made pipes, but nowadays people mostly go for glass pipes.

You will get all kinds of pipes from any head shop near me of many different shapes and designs. Spoon type of pipes is very commonly used as they are spoon shaped, which are quite inexpensive pipes and will be right for a beginner too.

Gather the supplies

The next thing is to buy the type of cannabis that you are interested to smoke. Depending upon your taste, you can select your type and prefer to use such a bowl that you can easily handle as well as it will be easier for you to fire them.

Few experienced people may prefer hemp wick, but for a person who is new to smoking it will find it bit complicated.

Break down your marijuana

You need to break down properly your marijuana before you start packing it into your bowl. Either you can use a grinder or you can pull apart your weed by using your hand to break it down to smaller pieces.

Ensure that all pieces must be of same size, and do not try to make them into too small pieces.

Start packing the bowl

If you have prepared your weed then it is time to pack your weed inside the bowl. Those weeds will go in first will be placed at bottom of bowl and must be packed little more lightly as compared to the weed which will be put in last on the top of bowl.

If weed placed at bottom of bowl is packed very tightly, then your pipe may be clogged and you will have to empty your bowl for cleaning it.

Also, if the weed at top of your bowl is packed very lightly, then you need to repack it for deep inhaling.

Smoke the bowl

Try to put your mouth on mouthpiece of your pipe and hold firmly onto pipe so that you may not drop it while smoking.  If your pipe also has a carb, then place thumb over it prior to smoking.

Try to use lighter for lighting your marijuana to take a deeper inhale of smoke that will travel through the pipe.

Clean the pipe

Make sure that you clean the bowl after using it every time. Get cleaning solutions for cleaning the bowl or you may soak your bowl in boiling water and clean it by hand.