Few Widely Used Addictive Drugs

Since centuries humans have been using drugs in various forms. Some drugs have been used for medicinal purpose and some for recreational purpose. The problems in individuals arise when they are addicted to drug usage. The health issues gradually clog their every receptor of brain, thus there are chances of them being grasped by deadly claws of death soon.

Unfortunately, many individuals despite knowing the harmful effects of drug abuse get addicted to it. Many people get into problems in their relationship and thus to save their marriage they must be willing to get admitted in trustable couple rehab centers.

Most of the people unknowingly fall in the trap of drug addiction. They use the drugs to experience feelings of high level excitement however soon they become addicted to it. Thus, the need to know the kind of drugs not suitable to maintain general health of body becomes mandatory.

Here is a list of drugs that must be avoided:

  • Cocaine:
    • It is a stimulator derived from natural plants of South America. The other common name used is coke. It was widely used in medicinal health care units as a pain reliever before the emergence of anesthetic medicines. It is now available as white powder or in rock form that is easy to be snorted, injected or smoked. The cocoa present in high proportions in cocaine is well known to give high effects to central nervous system of the user. This happens because cocaine increases the level of Dopamine that can change the neurochemistry of brain if regularly cocaine is induced in the body. The side effects are depressive thoughts, mood swings, feeling of anxiety and constantly troubled by fatigue.
  • Heroin:
    • The natural drug is composed of seedpod of Poppy plant that is native to Asian countries. The white or brown powder can be dissolved in water to be injected, snorted or smoked. This drug is known to be deathly if over used and it is hard to overcome its withdrawal symptoms.
  • Nicotine:
    • Yes, smoking regularly makes its users hard to quit smoking. It lifts the mood of its user thus for a short duration they sense pleasurable mood. However, gradually nicotine clutches the person in its web to taste it regularly, thus they are unable to leave cigarettes untouched.
  • Methamphetamine:
    • This crystal rough powdery form drug commonly known as icy or glass drug is well known to give immediate sense of excitement, but it has adverse effect on the central nervous system and even causes severe psychological problem.
  • Alcohol:
    • Excessive drinking of heavy beverage containing high proportions of alcohol will surely make the person endure severe health issues. Years of drinking alcohol is sure to cause fatal ailments, and thus it is wise to find means to stay away from alcohol.

Researches and rehab establishments have often indicated that Couples therapy for addiction has always been successful programs because a couple, it is easy to fight addiction. The drug addicted person gets full support from loved ones, thus able to stay safe from withdrawal symptoms as well. To know more about the best couple rehab centers in CA log on to websites of popular rehabs such as couplesrehabs.org.