Use of Ketamine Helps in Faster Recovery from PTSD and Anxiety

Survey says people suffering with PTSD are often victims of car accidents, sexual assault, combat, natural disasters or physical abuse or domestic violence. There are many people who face at least one event that is traumatic, but not all develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Most people take good care and cope up with time, but when the symptoms continue for months or years and it becomes difficult to adjust with it, then it is diagnosed as PTSD.


PTSD affects daily activities and can also harm an individual physically and mentally. Getting immediate treatment therapy and medication is the only way. Ketamine is the best therapeutic treatment for PTSD. Initially, ketamine was used for anesthesia, but now it is used for various disorders like OCD, Bipolar depression, PTSD, and Major Depressive Disorder.


Dr. Oliver, who is the Medical Director of Mind Peace Clinic, recommends Ketamine to all patients to treat their anxiety and PTSD problems and chronic pains as well. You can know about the purpose and benefits of Ketamine by going through this link – He has been using Ketamine for 10 years and considers it the safest and effective treatment for depression.


Most people suffer with such problem during the early stage of traumatic event. However, there are also instances when a person has seen to suffer with PTSD after many years of the event. This happens when they face similar situation in life and are reminded about some trauma that happened in the past, which they had blocked in their mind.


A person suffering with PTSD often thinks about suicide because he or she has lost hope in life as everything feels negative. They are unable to work or behave normally in any environment. This way, they avoid public appearance, like going to school, college or office and also face insomnia. This can affect their health in the long term.


There are two ways of treating PTSD –


  • Psychotherapy
  • Medication management

Another therapy recently been introduced and approved by FDA is Ketamine therapy.


PTSD affects our cerebral cortex of brain, which is responsible for our thought process. Usage of Ketamine helps in stimulating brain that releases glutamate. Glutamate is a hormone that’s connected with the regeneration and regrowth of neural synapses. Ketamine is good for those who didn’t respond positively for other treatments. It’s given intravenously which is safe during office hours. Any kind of side effects go away within an hour or two. Those who respond greatly to ketamine have seen significant changes in their life and body within days. By 1 or 2 infusion a patient starts to show results, this means a physician will know it immediately if Ketamine is showing results. If there are positive signs, then a patient is given six treatments and within 2-3 weeks the patient is treated.


PTSD is a syndrome that is increasing in society. There are many treatments that are used, but they all take months to recover a patient. Only Ketamine is a suppository that shows quick and positive results. If you have a family member who stays enclosed in their room, hardly eats and always avoids public appearance then don’t think much and get them to a psychiatrist immediately. Not everyone can come out of their shell easily, some need help.