Overcome The Anxiety And Emotions – It’s Time For Preschool

Preschool plays an important role for children to grow physically, mentally and emotionally. For parents who are both earning for keeping up their family economy, child care is of great help. Some schools teach children to take care of themselves. It also helps children to face school exam in an efficient way.


Both parents and kids have mixed emotions when it is time to start preschool. For parents, it will be like whether their child can adapt to the new environment, and new people. Kids will have unpleasant emotions as they are meeting new teachers and unfamiliar children and there is a feeling of separation from parents. Parents need to make their child feel comfortable about their preschool.


If you are in Tennessee https://www.tqee.org/policy/quality-childcare/ gives you an idea of how high quality and affordable childcare is given there. They maximize federal and state child funding so that, poor people can afford high quality education and care for their children. High quality preschool programs help build a warm child-teacher -parents’ relationship.


There are a lot of things that parents can do to comfort their children and adapt to their preschool. Here we shall discuss some tips to make your child feel safe and happy about their preschool.


Introduce some activities that resemble one in school, to your child at home. For example, simple puzzle solving, identify the shape and colors. Make them feel that preschool will be a lot of fun.


Let your child play with neighborhood kids. Teach them to share toys with friends so that your child feels easier to make friends in school and develop the habit of sharing with them.


Take them to school few times before school starts to have an idea of, how the environment will be and how your kid reacts.


Talk to your child about preschool in such a way that motivates them to go to school. Tell them preschool will be fun. This may ease their fear and there is a chance of feeling more excited about their preschool.


Make your child’s first day of preschool a special one by letting them chooses their favorite lunch box, and give them their favorite toy to make them feel comfortable.


Have a friendly conversation with your child’s teacher. This can give a safe feeling for your kid. Check with the staff how they convince the kids in the beginning weeks of their new transition.


On the first day, if your child refuses to stay with the teacher then, don’t be annoyed, a special good-bye, hugs can calm down a child. A long farewell or leaving without a good-bye makes the separation worse. Tell them you love them and take a quick leave.


If your kid is unwilling to go to school or doesn’t want to leave you, talk to the teacher about that. They will be ready to provide extra care needed to comfort your child.


If you are in Tennessee, the good news is TQEE ensures child care and promotes early learning especially for children from disadvantaged families. This is your kid’s first big step towards transition and this is so unique. Your patience and confidence will help them make the transition a rewarding experience.