Don’t Miss to Include These Stunning Places to Your Memphis Tour Itinerary

Memphis boasts of a rich cultural history. It is home to a number of interesting museums and other exciting places. There is something for people of every age making it an ideal spot for family vacation. Even if Memphis isn’t new to you, time to time there are new places popping up due to rise in tourism and you never run out of places.

Check out ‘We are Memphisbefore visiting the birthplace of Rock n Roll. It has updated information about every Memphis event and other tourist information like best accommodation options, places to eat and chill out. For starters we’ll let you know the top touristy stuff you shouldn’t miss during your stay at Memphis.

Top tourist attractions:

  • Mississippi River: North America’s second longest river is situated in the west part of Memphis thereby earning the place the name, ‘The River City’. There are about 5 parks situated in its banks with riverboat cruises, water activities and canoe rentals available.
  • Beale Street: This iconic street served as the home for Blues music and here’s where many legends including B.B King made their mark. Lined with quirky shops, street performances and over 25 clubs and bars overflowing with terrific music, each venue is interesting in its own way. For instance, you can find live goats at Silky O’ Sullivans.
  • Peabody Ducks: This unusual but famous attraction has been around since 1932. Every morning you can witness 5 ducks marching from the Peabody hotel lobby to the fountain and at evenings the ducks which are led by duck master marches back to their rooftop home. The hotel has concerts going on every Thursday.
  • Ghost River: Paddle along the Wolf River. The 8.5-mile-long canoe trail covers a view of abundant wildlife, Ghost section and Spirit Lake. Experienced paddlers take anywhere between 3 to 6 hours to complete the trail.
  • Heritage tours: Even several years before Memphis’s strong association with Civil Rights Museum, the city was an important place for blacks. The famous Black Heritage tours takes you back in time to the important dates in history. These 4 long tours encompass several historical sites, including Civil Rights Museum and slave market district.
  • Memphis zoo: The zoo has been around for 100 years and renovated during the early 2010s. It covers 70 acres and has more than 3000 animals. It is one among 4 zoos in the United States to have got pandas on loan from China.
  • Graceland: This popular tourist attraction is Elvis Presley’s mansion and contains exhibits of his automobiles and airplanes. Tourists can also visit his grave. This is a must-visit for music lovers. There is a guesthouse built by his daughter where there are suites with a television screen placed on the ceiling just like how Elvis liked it.
  • Autozone Park: Book tickets for a baseball game in one of the nation’s finest ballparks. You could either choose enjoying the game from the lawn or book a fancy seat club.

You wouldn’t experience a dull moment when in Memphis. Soak in the city’s magic.