Travelling Abroad? Why Don’t You Stay At a Casino Hotel!

Every one of us loves to travel. The trip should be well-planned, so that you enjoy it completely. Looking for a suitable accommodation is the most important as well as time-consuming and hectic part of planning. Hence, most of us simply ditch the idea of travelling.

Casino hotels are luxury hotels and resorts owned by the casinos at cheap, with central locations, strong security, and lots of entertainment.

Here are a few things you must know before booking a casino hotel-

  1. Tight security

Let me tell you a small secret here. The major motive of the casino for putting high security at their place is to save their gambling license. Moreover, security is always tight to keep travellers safe from terrorists and other conditions. To ensure the security of the place they have security forces or police present 24/7 with cameras at every place in the venue.

  1. Tipping

It highly depends on the country whether you should tip or not. In countries like Australia, there is no culture of tipping and the amount you pay includes all the charges. Whereas, in countries like the USA it is customary to pay tips, like $1 per drink or 15-20% of the total bill, $2-5 for hotel valet.

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  1. Make sure you find out about gambling or drinking age

The gambling and drinking age differs largely from place to place or let’s says from country to country. Before you plan to visit a country’s casino make sure you know everything about their casinos, from them being legal to the tipping, drinking as well as gambling age and the attire code that you must follow to stay away from legal action.

  1. Attraction

With lots of trendy restaurants, nightclubs, bars, water parks, and swimming pools, these casinos increase their popularity instead of their infamous casinos.

  1. Free rooms

Most of the expensive casinos give free rooms that are often costly to afford.

Some of the casinos provide free rooms to VIPs who come to play but opt to stay for the night. Moreover, some casinos also offer VIP rooms at a low price or free as a bait to attract more customers or as a token of love to the gambler who decide on an unplanned stay.

  1. Luxurious accommodation

Other than their ranking, casino resorts and hotels provide almost the 5-star facilities to their customers. These facilities usually include well-trained staffs and a highly strict service.

  1. You are not forced to gambling

One of the best qualities of these casino resorts or casino hotel is that they don’t force you to indulge yourself in gambling if you plan for a stay there.

  1. Location

Another important point regarding the quality of these casino resorts and hotels is that they are located in the most famous places in the country or the extremely beautiful and breathtaking places in the countryside.