The Categories of CBD Pen in the Market

A CBD pen is a pen-shaped vaporizer that mainly gets used for vaping CBD e juice. Vep pens can get categorized into two main categories, namely. Refillable and disposable. Refillable CBD peons get created in various forms which are discrete. Disposable pens on the other side come with great convenience and are very much cheap.

  • Refillable CBD pens

A refillable CBD pen is any type of pen capable of getting filled by CBD e juice. The pen contains a tank that receives the rechargeable stick battery.  The refillable CBD pen is a convenient and straightforward style of a pen and is generally smaller and lighter compared to the types of refillable pens.

Some of the CBD pens are well suited for vaping directly to the lungs while some other CBD pens are well suited for tight mouth to lung draw. Refillable pens could also be a better option in the category of CBD pens. Even though adapted for vaping nicotine and not so pen shaped but they are also discreet and much more comfortable to use.

  • Disposable CBD pen

Disposable CBD pen contain a battery and come loaded with cannabidiol containing the e juice. The pen looks just like cigalikes which are small vape pens that look like cigarettes.  The disposable pens are designed in such a way that they provide several hundreds of puffs before eventually getting depleted.

Disposable CBD pens usually are better and practical alternatives to cartridges.  The reason for this is that disposable CBD gets made in such a way that they do not require the wastage of funds needed for continually changing the batteries. The pen also due to its design only produces vapor when getting inhaled

  • The advantages and disadvantages of disposable CBD pens

Refillable CBD pens require the initial device purchase of CBD and later on the vaping e-liquid. After purchasing the refillable CBD pens, you may find them to be more cost effective and worth of an investment.

However, when purchasing the CBD refillable pens, you may need to know that they don’t bring with them a vast deal of convenience. Most people who used them termed them as less convenient due to the enormous amount of knowledge needed to properly use them.

The other good thing about refillable CBD pen is that they come in a variety of options and you can easily customize any of them to suit your personal needs. Some of them even come with the possibilities of adjusting the power and airflow to ensure a fine-tuning experience depending on your preference.

  • Advantages and disadvantages of disposable CBD pens

If you are looking for the most practical way of vaping cannabidiol especially if you are doing it for the first time, then you should consider disposable CBD pens. Even though disposable CBD pens might not offer much in terms of flavor varieties and strength, they are very cheap and so easy to use.

If you purchase disposable CBD pens, then you may not need to keep refilling them with additional liquid since they come pre-filled with the cash. However, disposable CBD pens are not as cheap as refillable pens if you look at them in terms of the CBD amount they contain and their price.


Cbd vep pens come in mainly two categories, refillable and disposable pens. Depending with your preferences, you may find great satisfaction in any of them if you use them as a way of getting CBD liquid into your body.