Guidelines to Start A Business in Memphis And Be Successful

Memphis is strategically located on the Mississippi River banks, so entrepreneurs can find this as an advantage for their distribution and shipping needs. Moreover, Tennessee has low regulatory and income tax burdens.

If you plan to open a business in Memphis, then below are some steps to help you get started.

Come up with business idea

First step is to determine the kind of business you want to set up. Remember, you need to be passionate about it. Research if there is a need or market for the kind of business you desire to start.

Some of the Memphis business are active including small, mid-sized and large. Before locking business idea, fully understand the local demographics. Find out if there are sufficient customers available to make your company succeed. After you pinpoint the potential idea, move forward and create a business plan.

Smart business plan

It is necessary foundation for success of a company. Ask yourself what makes your product unique, why customers will buy it and your business goal. Determine how much staff or employees or professionals your business will need to hire. Calculate the capital needed and decide from where to get startup funding.

What kind of company to form?

Registering as LLC or Limited Liability Company, you will ascend your credibility as well as get protection from personal liability. LLC’s can be set and managed easily. They offer good tax breaks in comparison to other business ventures, especially in Memphis.

Get license or/and permits

Obtain necessary license or/and permits to start and operate a new business. Make sure that you comply with the local, state, and federal government regulations.

Get familiar with tax laws

You will need business bank account, if you will need to hire employees. On the other hand, opening a bank account needs Tax ID number. Therefore first understand the Memphians tax laws associated with sales tax registration and offering employee insurance benefits.

You need to use credit card and business bank account for all transactions. This allows to build a credibility amongst vendors and consumers.

Accounting software installation

Installing accounting software allows you to keep track of the credit card and bank transactions. You get an idea of business performance and filing annual taxes also becomes simple.

Insure the business

Business insurance is needed to manage risks and you can concentrate on development. Consider professional or general liability insurance. In Memphis, if a business has 5+ employees then there is a need for Worker’s compensation coverage.


For business success, it is crucial to build convincing brand experience, which will attract loyal customers. Determine your brands core values, which will truly escalate your business. Add this aspect in your marketing campaigns.

Online presence

Today, it is vital to be active on the internet. With online presence, you are not limited to consumer base within nearness to your business location. Content marketing conducted properly can be your route to success.

Many new businesses in Memphis underestimate challenges to be experienced. Owing a business is daunting but always is on a learning mode and you will be successful.