Ask These Questions Before Joining A Gym

Often people in the gym industry may say that the bodies that you see during summers are made during winter. However, it is not a hard and fast rule. As such, you can join the gym any time of the year.

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You can ask following few questions to them and yourself too before deciding to join them.

  1. What is it cost?

This question will be raised by everyone and you must remember by taking gym membership you can save money rather than paying every month. So, if you can afford membership fee then go for it.

  1. Is there any maintenance fee?

As the cost of running a gym is increasing, they charge maintenance fee nowadays along with your annual gym membership fee. You cannot avoid this maintenance cost.

  1. Do I need to sign a contract?

By signing a contract only one side will benefit which is the gym owner. With non-contract option, you may go for monthly payment option which is rather too expensive.

  1. What is the cancellation policy?

In case you sign a contract then for cancelling it, you need to give one month’s notice and also the procedure is too cumbersome. So, before you decide to cancel, think again.

  1. What is my motivation?

You must remember that just by taking a membership of any gym, your physique is not going to improve. You must have enough motivation to change your body shape and take necessary action.

  1. Am I healthy for exercise?

No gym person can give you the right answer unless they are qualified doctor. Therefore, it is better to meet a medical professional and get yourself properly checked.

  1. Is your gym insured?

During the peak hours, inside the gym there will be number of people who are using various gym equipment and hence there can always be certain danger. Therefore, before joining the gym confirm about this.

  1. Do I need adequate health insurance?

Nowadays, most gyms will make you sign liability waiver, that means unless the negligence of gym is indisputable, you will have to cover all your medical bills. So, get yourself sufficiently insured.

  1. What is the commute like?

It is for you to decide the location of the gym so that you do not have to commute too long a distance. So, avoid selecting a gym which is too far away from your location.

  1. How is the reputation of the gym?

Often people try to find a low-cost gym where you end up just wasting time and money. Before joining any gym, make sure about its reputation by talking to few people who are already members of the gym.

  1. Are trainers sufficiently experienced?

As such, you must not assume a trainer the gym is providing is right person for doing the job, unless you are sure that he is a certified professional. While joining a gym, select your trainer depending on his reputation.