What Are the Various Ways to Take CBD Oil?

Research results indicate various positive benefits of CBD and hence the demand for cannabidiol products is increasing day by day. Nowadays, you can also get many different varieties of CBD products in the market too.

Therefore, the patients who prefer taking CBD oil for any therapeutic benefits have number of choices to consume it as per their lifestyle and health condition.

In general, there can be 4 primary methods to consume CBD oil which are as follows:

  • Ingestion
  • Inhalation
  • Sublingual
  • Topical

Let us therefore discuss the benefits of each of the above methods so that you may choose your product accordingly


1. Ingestion option


Most common way of taking CBD oil is perhaps by ingesting it orally. As you ingest, it passes through your digestive system and then it is metabolized by your liver, and finally send the active compounds into your bloodstream.

It is almost similar to taking vitamins and other supplements that are mostly consumed daily.

Few common CBD ingestible products are capsules, beverages and edibles. Capsules are easily taken with mouthful of water which is most efficient ways of taking CBD. Also, CBD oil is infused into various edibles and beverages like coffee.


2. Inhalation option


By vaporizing too, CBD can be inhaled. Vaporizer will heat CBD oil just sufficient to release the active compounds and will avoid all harmful byproducts which are created by combustion.

CBD will enter your lungs and diffuse directly into the bloodstream during vaporization. As it does not have to pass through your liver or digestive system, the CBD will enter the circulation faster.

Besides, less CBD will be lost while vaporizing compared to ingestion method. For adults, vaporizing CBD option is mostly recommended.

Various CBD oil products which are designed for vaporization are CBD e-liquid, that contains CBD oil that is infused with high-CBD concentrate or vegetable glycerin.


3. Sublingual option


While administering CBD oil sublingually, it will be held under tongue for 90-seconds so that mucus membranes in your mouth may absorb the active ingredients of oil.

The advantage of sublingually consuming CBD oil is, absorption process will bypass the liver metabolization and digestive system, so that compounds can reach to your bloodstream and also interact with endocannabinoid system faster.

For people looking for very quick effects, sublingual CBD oil is ideal product.

For sublingual application method, pure CBD oil, concentrates and tinctures are the CBD products which are designed.


4. Topical option


Few CBD oil products can be created for applying directly on the skin. Active ingredients of CBD products will be absorbed through skin so that CBD can interact with the cells which are nearby your surface without really entering the bloodstream.

Currently in the market, topical products of CBD oil primarily are lotions and salves. Such products are typically applicable for addressing pain or any serious skin issues.

As a daily skin health-care, few companies also produce body care products and CBD oil bath such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash and moisturizing lotion.