Why CBD For Dogs and How to Choose A Product Carefully?

CBD is a big hit in veterinary sector. People adore their pets and wish their furry friends to be healthy. They spend lots to fulfil the healthy needs of their dogs including supplements, toys, food, regular checkup at the vet and medications.

Cannabis culture and hemp

Hemp based products are hot currently because they are claimed to promote people and pet’s well-being. For years, cannabis has been used for recreation and since a decade its derivatives are popular for their therapeutic purposes.

CBD is the most used compound that does not give the high associated with marijuana. It is the THC that causes the psychoactive effects. On the other hand, CBD extracted from industrial help is free from the mind-altering aspect or THC. Hemp is loaded with CBD but has very low percentage of THC. Therefore, people can choose specially designed CBD tinctures for dogs.

How CBD works on dogs?

Animals have ECS or endocannabinoid system, just like humans in their body. It allows them to gain a lot of benefits of cannabinoids they produce naturally. Now, pets suffering from seizures, cancer, arthritis, inflammation, irritable bowel system, anxiety and lack of appetite can gain a lot from CBD tinctures. The tincture boosts the functioning of the ECS and thus the dog’s life quality gets enhanced. Besides tinctures, you can buy CBD infused animal treats as well as other pet-oriented products.

Studies have suggested that CBD is not prone to addiction. Moreover, it reveals few side effects like it can interact with medicines prescribed by the vet. There is a need for extensive research about CBD and its dosage not on humans but even in pets. Even World Health Organization [WHO] has recommended CBD to be safe and non-toxic.

If you reside in state that has legalized CBD then there is nothing to stop from buying CBD for your pet dog. It is wise to discuss this with the vet first. Veterinarians will not suggest this but will certainly answer your queries, so as to decrease potential damage to your dog.

Choose products cautiously

CBD for pets is mostly unregulated, so you will find it hard to distinguish. Is the product contaminant free? Does it include ingredients listed on the label? Therefore, while shopping for dogs CBD treats at the local dispensary or online look for good practice claims from manufacturers or an acknowledgement seal. This improves the chances that the product is formulated from safe ingredients and in clean environment.

If you are wondering, if it is fine to give CBD products designed for humans to your pet dog. This is fine but several human CBD products have grapeseed oil or xylitol that can be toxic to your pet. Be very careful about products containing THC. Some vets prescribe it for treating specific medical conditions but pet owners must never tryout THC without discussing.

Some CBD product manufacturers have their product lab tested independently and provide COA or Certificate of Analysis. Lab results will reveal the percentage of CBD and THC contained in the product and how they tested the product for contaminates. If you cannot find COA then choose another company.