What Are the Steps to Recovery from Gastric Sleeve?

So, you have planned to go for Gastric Sleeve procedure. Before the big day arrives, you are eager to know how the recovery procedure will take place. Don’t worry, as this article will serve as a guide to educate you of all the activities that are going to take place throughout the procedure.

On the surgery day

Once the gastric sleeve surgery is successfully accomplished, you may feel a bit of pain in the body.


On the first day, you will feel moderate pain. As different individuals have different pain tolerating abilities, the level of pain that they feel will be different. Your nurse will provide you pain killer medication to reduce the pain.

As you will be feeling soreness across the abdomen, you will be lying on a slight incline bed in a hospital till the soreness goes. Also, due to the effect of anesthesia and BMI for gastric sleeve, you can feel residual nausea. This condition will improve at a gradual rate.


The soreness in the throat would not let you drink or eat at this point. Due to which a patient is not allowed to take anything from the mouth. They are advised cold compression using a cup of ice in a few hours. On the first day, you will feel dehydrated but you can’t drink anything till the next day.


When the pain subsides, your surgeon would advise you to get up and walk. It can be difficult to get yourself out of the bed, but exercising and walking, will make you feel better the following day.

Mental Stage

On the first day, you will be on a roller coaster ride of different types of emotions.  You will be witnessing a complete change in your life. Food can be your lifelong companion, and also a stress reliever.

Second day of surgery

After the first day, your surgeon will start off with clear liquids. Most of the people are not likely to be hungry but thirsty and dehydrated. Follow the diet as the surgeon recommends. Below is the list of the foods that most of the surgeons will permit for the patient to consume at the recovery stage.

  • Unsweetened juice
  • Broth
  • Strained cream soup
  • Milk
  • Sugar-free gelatin

It is also advised to drink small quantities of food. Carbonated beverages and caffeine Are strictly prohibited by the doctors.


You will be called for performing swallow examination in Radiology. On the basis of the reports, your doctor will examine the pain, eliminate catheter, and ensure that you are able to get up and take a few steps slowly on their feet.

After a couple of hours, your surgeon would equip with proper care instruction for the wounds and prescribe you some pain killer medicine in case the patient feels any bout of pain. Once this is done, your doctor will discharge the patient with a guardian. After reaching home and getting comfortable, you need to go through the post-operative instructions.


Hope this step by step guide will satisfy your queries and curiosity about the recovery procedure for a gastric sleeve.