Good Reasons to Switch From Dealers To Authorized Marijuana Dispensaries

Even though the federal government is finding it hard to see medical marijuana benefits, public has already accepted it. The plants were illegal until now across the US even for medical reasons, so the public suffering from chronic medical illnesses regretfully turned to illegal cannabis dealers for buying their medications.


Fortunately, the scene has changed for states that have legalized the use of medical marijuana. Authorized medical marijuana dispensaries have been established, where patients can legally buy their medication. Unfortunately, there are still some patients who are obstinate to switch to medical marijuana dispensary.


Why make a switch from dealers to dispensaries


No compromise on product quality


Regulated marijuana dispensaries mean that the weeds sold are lab tested thoroughly but you don’t get same quality assurance from street dealers. You don’t know what you get and even there are times when the dealers charge you more for strain with makeup name.


They even remove half a gram from zip lock bag and if you bought it in hustle only to find later that it is stuffed with trim.




Dealers usually don’t have working hours for their business. You have to text or call them. Sometimes they don’t even respond with you for days or hours. At times, they hardly have any stock so you are out of your medication and have to fight pain.


With all the anxiety of buying an incriminating herb from the same dealer becomes impossible, so it is wise to go to dispensaries because they are consistent.


No fear of arrest


Imagine getting arrested buying marijuana illegally from a street dealer. It sounds fearful even if you are buying it for your medical condition. The potential of getting arrested outweighs the serenity of good Kush. On the other hand, legal dispensaries don’t have such issues because the environment is safe and legal.


Better pricing


Dealers in illegal states charge three times more but at regulated dispensaries patients can get their medical marijuana strain for more discounts. Top strains from premium breeders can be got at a dispensary. Dispensaries host weekly deals, which can be surprising and fun for a stoner looking to get best value from a weed package.




With wide range of options, you can constantly change variety to satisfy your taste buds with new indulgence. Besides, you get plethora of edibles like candies, fresh baked goods, high-quality concentrates, and pure hash oils. Every item is lab tested and this varieties go far beyond street dealers promise.




Critical patients may not be able to travel even a small distance due to chronic pain. Such patients can benefit from online medical marijuana dispensaries. Without leaving home and travelling to the dispensary they can order products online and get their orders delivered at their doorstep.


Such kind of service cannot be expected from street dealers, as some of them crouch low in this drug game. They live in more fear and place some conditions like he calls you or use discreet code words. If you annoy him, he may even cut your supply. This also means that you too live on edge for your medication.


Drop the idea of approaching street dealers but visit or call authorized dispensary near you!