Do You Want to Order for Wings Like a Pro?

Now, it is absolutely safe to announce that the official wing season has already started as the football season has kicked off and the weather is pleasant too.


The vendors have done their necessary homework for you to lay out their best wing sauces. They will also tell you some secrets so that you can nail a perfect spread for football Sunday.


Now let us share a few tips about how to make most of the wings delivery order. Just go through the post and educate yourself about it.


Big decision is bone-in or boneless


Prior to order, you need to make one major decision i.e. ordering boneless wings or bone-in wings. As such, both are valid choices and it will usually depend on your personal liking whether you will hate or love either of them.


For the purists, bone-in can be a great choice while boneless are usually perfect if you prefer to keep remote in one hand for switching between games. At some places, you can get split of half boneless and half bone-in, which for party setting can be a great choice.


Know the right-wing sauces before the order


Most of you may certainly know well about BBQ or buffalo wings however have you ever thought of honey mustard wings or Korean wings? Try to search for specific flavor in the search bar to check if there is availability of wing spot which delivers to you a fun flavor. You may brush up on option for wing sauce bunch.


Check the daily specials and you might get 10¢ wings!


Based on the city or your zip code etc. there is a possibility that a pub, sports bar or restaurant nearby has weekly wing special. In that case, accordingly you are going to plan the order.


Depending on the day, most places may do $1 wings or even 10 cent wings. Also, some will add sides like mozzarella or fries into the mix. If this is the case then imagine about the endless wings that you would have however, ensure to check specials available.


Dipping sauces will be the key


About your actual sauce on wings, we have already talked, but dipping sauces can also be just as significant. The best part for delivery wings can be that you may order small containers with endless quantity of sauces, rather we will suggest you to ask for extra sauce as provided in the special comment section.


You may love classics like honey mustard or bleu cheese sauce but also enjoy by trying the more extensive sauces like aioli or even sriracha ranch.


 “Please add plenty of extra napkins”


Now the last but certainly not the least, in case you prefer to go pro for wing ordering then you have to ask for plenty of extra napkins/wet naps which is written as special instructions of the delivery.


You can read it as, “Please include few extra wet naps or napkins if you like to have them”. You are on your way as a pro and can have an amazing experience of wing eating.