Usage of Tribulus Terretris as Body Supplement

Tribulus terretris is a species of flowering plant which is the native plant of the tropical and warm temperate regions of South Asia, Australia, Europe, and Africa. The plant extract is used in the supplements which are manufactured for providing nutrition and also strength and also leans the mass of the muscle. It is also a popular testosterone enhancer in men.

The scientific researchers conducted on this chemical compound are very few, and the claims that have to revolve around it are not very compliant with. 85mg to 250mg is the dosage limit that is prescribed to the men who take it for building body. The drug is said to have libido enhancing properties.

The Risk of the Compound

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There is no known side effects found associated with the commercially available supplements of Tribulus terretris. During animal testing, it was observed that there was a chance of disturbance of the muscle coordination when the application of Tribulus was made in high dose. According to the recent report, a male weight trainer experiences an increase in his breast mass after taking herbal tablets of Tribulus. So, it has been advised that people, who are suffering from prostate cancer or breast cancer, must not consume the herb. There are also claims in the market that Tribulus supplement does not lead to any positive result in the drug test. Experts agree that Tribulus can increase the ratio of testosterone and episterone through the urinary discharge which is said to have negative effects on the sports career of the athletes.

Aspects as Body Supplement

In general, all kinds of supplements meant for body building have a common claim, which they can efficiently increase the level of testosterone; but that is not the real purpose of the supplement. Testosterone is used for maintaining strength, stamina and also the tone of the muscles. Exercise can do the work of enhancing the flow of testosterone in men. After a rigorous exercise of 20 minutes, the blood level of the hormone increases automatically. In the case of women, studies show that after the drug’s intake, they had an improved ovulation, fertility condition and a reduction in the peri-menopausal and post-menopausal conditions. Women had a better increase of the libido than seen in men under the traditional therapy of hormone which proves that the drug has libido enhancing properties.

Tribulus Terrestris is said to have often marketed with the claims of increasing the strength and leaning of the muscle mass within five to twenty-eight days of its intake. Researchers based in Australia said that when they gave the supplement to twenty-two rugby professionals, their muscle mass increased without any increase in the fat; but it had no significant role in changing the muscle mass or leaning the muscle mass.

In contradiction, Tribulus terretris is proven to be an efficient sexual desire enhancer for men. The drug is also proven to reduce serum glucose, cholesterol in the body along with treating hypertension as it has properties of antioxidants. The drug increases the level of Luteinizing hormone which then increases the testosterone level in men.