Best Methods To Heal Dull Skin And Restore Radiance

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With age, comes wisdom, but also, deterioration of the skin integrity and some other bodily functions. But this doesn’t need to be too quick! And ladies, it’s our responsibility to delay this aging process! Aging can be nasty! Aside from rendering your skin dull, wrinkles may also start to form!

So, what are the effective ways to restore your skins glow? Well, some of you may already be doing it correctly! For those of you who are at a lost, read on and start healing dull skin! Rejuvenate your skin with these five effective ways!

1. Exfoliate Regularly.

Exfoliating regularly continually renews your skin. Exfoliation works by removing the dead cells on the surface of the skin. Yes, we have dead skin cells all over our bodies! So, by removing those already dead skin cells, you are stimulating your skin tissue to replace the outer layer.

Essentially, your skin produces younger and healthier skin tissues as you do it regularly. Yes, there’s no magic in this! It’s just simply helping your skin to regenerate and renew itself.

2. Moisturize Frequently.

Our skin is the body’s first line of defense from everything. The skin is the first landing spot of unseen bacteria and the harmful rays of the sun. Even the humidity can dehydrate our skin (especially on cold and chilly days)! This just means that moisturizing should be done whenever necessary!

Application of moisturizers should be done before going out of the house and before going to sleep. But when the weather’s too hot, or when the air is too thin, you might need to reapply moisturizers. Do so. Please do as frequent as needed!

3. Don’t Go Out Without Sunscreen!

Sunscreen is famously used whenever people go to the beach. Yes, because they are sunbathing, they apply sunscreens. But the truth is, even on regular non-beach-vacation days, we are exposed to the sun! So why don’t we apply it every day?

We are not immune to the sunlight when we go to work. We are not immune to the harmful rays of the sun when we do our morning run. We are not immune to the sun when we walk at the park. So, the bottom line is, we need to use sunscreens whenever we will be exposed to the sun!

4. Restore Your Glow With Skin Serum.

If it took you a few years before you have decided to take care of your skin, chances are, you already have some minor skin problem. Such conditions may need aggressive regimen and may involve some skin serum to repair the damage of your skin.

There are many skin serum products you could choose from. Some beauty products like Renew SCII Serum gives promising results! They use the stem cell extract of Uttwiler Spätlauber, a swiss apple that has been proven to heal dull skin and bring back its former healthy glow.

5. Nourishment Your Skin from Within.

Aside from moisturizing and using other products that are directly applied to the skin, another effective way to give life to your skin is by nourishing it from the inside. Our skin also needs vitamins to maintain its healthy glow!

Vitamins and minerals play a large role in maintaining your skin’s healthy glow. Vitamin C and E are potent anti-oxidants that helps you get rid of free radicals that damage the integrity of your skin. One unfortunate thing, we are not always having enough of it in the food we eat! So take your vitamins!

During hot and humid days, we lose moisture in our skin. The water loss may be insensible, but this dehydrates the skin! Drinking lots of fluid is recommended for everyone, every day, especially during hot and humid days! It will keep you moisturized from within!

The Key

The key in maintaining a healthy skin is consistency. You can’t expect a plant to stay healthy if you don’t take care of it regularly. Same goes with our skin. Morning regimens and evening regimens should be done religiously.

I know there are some days when you are just dead tired and don’t even feel like removing your make up before sleeping, but, this will do you harm in the future! The bad habits may not have immediate effect, but surely, you won’t like it!

Take care of your skin! Ladies, it’s our own responsibilities to take care of our skin! No one else would do it for us (but a dermatologist can surely help you a lot)!